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No More Sweeping Sexual Misconduct Under the Rug

April 1st, the first day of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, I decided to, as bravely as I could, share the impetus of co-creating the text, Examining and Mitigating Sexual Misconduct in Sport. It was simultaneously healing and hard to speak truths (as I see them) to supportive colleagues attending the Social Justice in Sport and Exercise Psychology Symposium.

After I spoke I sat with a vulnerability hangover; thank goodness for my friend, Dr. Andrea Becker, who was in the audience and who later texted me that she sees me living in my purpose. I thank the universe every day for such true friends who show up in moments my soul needs them. I know I am my truest self when I walk closer to my fires, to my healing and in my purpose on this earth.

To read the full version of this blog, visit my Medium page.

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