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Speaking & Collaborations

Interested in having me speak at your next event?

Dr. Tanya has delivered dynamic and emotive keynotes, workshops and talks for UN Women, the American College of Sport Medicine, US Tumbling, USA Rugby, Harvard Medical and numerous academic and athletic institutions. She empowers individuals, teams, and organizations through the art of storytelling, authenticity, and her vulnerable style. Her workshops and keynotes not only captivate participants but also inspire them to take transformative steps forward.

Dr. Tanya offers small and large group workshops, live-in person and virtual talks and keynotes as well as small group healing and sharing circles for organizations. If you would like to collaborate or have Dr. Tanya at your next event or retreat, please contact her using the link below.

Dr. Tanya providing a keynote

"If something comes from your heart,
it will reach the heart of your audience."

- Fawzia Koofi

Dr. Tanya giving a workshop on mindset


Dr. Tanya provides keynotes, talks and workshops on high performance, leadership development, advocacy, identity, inclusion and belonging, mitigating harm as well as the power of authenticity and owning one's story. 

Examples of Topics: 

  • Get Unstuck & Unlock Your Brilliance

  • The Power of a Purposeful Pause

  • How to Thrive without People Pleasing & Self-Sacrificing 

  • Building Bridges of Belonging 

  • Motivational Interviewing: A Skill for Every Leader

  • Reflective Journaling: Unveiling Our Power through Writing

Dr. Tanya executive coaching


Is your organization, department, or team ready to invest in your most valuable resource - your people? Or, are your teams in disagreement on priorities or individuals and teams are confused about their roles and struggling to collaborate? Or, maybe your organization or team is not producing to expectations due to conflicts and miscommunication? 

Dr. Tanya partners with companies and organizations to provide confidential and ongoing support to employees and teams (individually and within small groups) on topics they may not feel comfortable or appropriate talking with their employer, supervisor, or manager directly. If you and your organization are committed to investing in the well-being, fulfillment, and engagement of your employees, this is for you.

Dr. Tanya is open to collaborations


Are you looking for a guest for your next podcast or a facilitator for your next retreat?  Or, are you hosting a conference, employee resource or women's group and would like to collaborate with someone who will provide a warm, welcoming, yet vulnerable space for growth and reflection? 

Dr. Tanya appreciates sharing space, experiences, and wisdom while working in community with values aligned professionals and people. 

Feel free to send a message via the link below and include the intent of the collaboration, potential date(s) of events, and any other pertinent information. 

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