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Choose Your Investment

You are worthy of creating the time to focus on you
  • What makes your offering unique to others available?
    I’m empowering, compassionate, and calm. My offerings are reflective and thought-provoking with clients being guided toward their own insights and wisdom which ultimately leads to personal transformation.
  • What can I expect to get out of our time together?
    You can expect to be fully seen, heard, and honored with compassion and courage as we co-create a brave space together. Your clarity and direction for your next steps become clear as the knowing of your heart and your innermost desires are unlocked and given space to be dreamed, explored, and accomplished.
  • Will the sessions be recorded?
    Yes, if you would like it to be.
  • What if my schedule changes a lot?
    I’m happy to schedule sessions with you at different times/days of the week each time we meet; and I’m equally happy to set a specific day and time to meet throughout our partnership.
  • What if something urgent comes up and I must cancel the session last minute?
    Things come up in my life, too. I believe we need more grace than not in our world. As long as you don’t “no show” I’m happy to reschedule if you notify me at least 2 hours beforehand. I will also have grace and kindness during times of extenuating circumstances.
  • Do you do payment plans for your packages?
    Yes, I’m happy to work with clients in a payment structure that works for them whether that means paying weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
  • Do you offer sliding scale rates?
    Clients have a wide range of financial realities. I choose to trust clients when they share they are unable to pay my fee yet would still like to partner in ways that feel most mutually beneficial for us both. Please send me an email and we can work on a plan that is agreeable to us both.
  • What If I’m not sure which package I want?
    I’d be happy to jump on an exploratory call for 45 minutes to help you get clear on how you might benefit from partnering with me.
  • What are the best ways to pay?
    I accept all major debit and credit cards as well as PayPal.
  • Can I give my sessions to a friend or family member?
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