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Christians, When Will We Stop Contorting Christianity to Defend Our Bigotry and Hypocrisy?

Happy Pride! Love is love.

Yes, I am writing this, and yes, I was baptized, raised and am a practicing Christian. But, let me be real – I struggle with the Christian church and its collective hypocrisy. I have and continue to wrestle with the institution of Christianity and the ways it has harmed and continues to without pause, remorse or reflection. Sometimes I see Christianity as the ultimate bully and envision Jesus in Heaven shaking his arms in disgust at how we have gotten so far from Christ’s teaching and how Jesus lived his life.I see Christ’s lived example so far from what Christianity has become. I squirm when I learn or hear Christian’s normalizing homonegativity, transphobia and any gender or sexual discrimination because of “God’s word” or their beliefs are “written in the Bible.”

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