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Hello brave souls,

My name is Dr. Tanya (Raquel) Prewitt-White and I couldn’t be more excited to share my new Substack Newsletter space with you. I am on an existential healing journey and learning to navigate life with the gentleness and abundant love I’ve always been seeking. It is the gentleness and love that I was told as a child made me naïve and soft. I wished I had known my intuition, empathic compassion, and unconditional love were my superpowers. However, I believed from a young age that it was my “hustle”, my voracious work ethic, and my insatiable energy that set me apart. In truth, after heartbreak, unexpected and undeserved harm, death, and childbearing the ferris wheel of professional and communal achievement, accolades, service, and accomplishments no longer served any of my heart’s longings. I found myself physically, spiritually, and emotionally exhausted with nothing left to give. My soul urging for revival.

In 2019, my undoing began and in 2021 I resigned from my lifelong dream of being an academic and professor. My work and the institutions I served did not (and would never) love me back and what I had once loved was no longer life-giving but devouring my soul. It was time to have the courage to evolve.

And so my rebirth began.

I’ve grown into holding mine and others’










and unmet inspirations ..

with love and softness and without expectation.


I’m learning life is fluid and to be in the moment both alone and with another human – without rushing to fix, appease, or change is a gift. To mindfully move and evolve with the experiences we navigate along our walks through the wooded trees and open streets.

I am committed to collective healing and endless love. I believe intellectual understanding and intuitive knowing co-exist. Prayer, meditation, and love have been the sweet honey to my wounds and through my journaling, reflection, and yearnings I curated Heal Meditations. The venture began as former students named I had a gift, it took years for me to see it, too. I’ve learned to believe people. Then, slowly I wrote to heal and then I recorded to own my voice and have an account of the words that came through my experiences and reflections. Today, I am ready to begin the journey to share these co-creations with the world.

I am honored to hold you with care. I hope together we find the restoration we seek and the inspiration residing in our souls is released from captivity.  I pray we all have the opportunity and the courage to live big no matter what that means for us. May we be brave and abundant in our comings and goings while always knowing we are simply walking one another home.

Many blessings,


Image by Unseen Studio

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