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Every professional woman has a story to tell, a journey to live, and something she may need to release while evolving into her most empowered, fierce, and free self. This year we choose to make space for our dreams, live our purpose, and take radical responsibility for our fulfillment, happiness, and success.

  • Are you ready to personally and professionally evolve while living boldly in your purpose on this earth?

  • ​​Do you feel a constant nudging to reclaim your sense of self that embodies who you were before you became what you thought others wanted you to be?

  • ​Are you feeling stuck, depleted or experiencing burnout and are committed to re-aligning with how you want to feel and find your passion and vigor again?

  • ​Are you ready to explore what life could look like and to make the changes necessary to live the life that matters most to you?​

  • Are you prepared to unlock what is holding you back from the life you've imagined and to evolve into the person you were always destined to become?

If any of this resonates with you, join us for a 5 day/4 night all-inclusive professional women’s retreat on a mile-long private island in Belize where you’ll be inspired and supported, and your dreams and purpose will gain greater clarity and room to prosper. There will be ample time for relaxation and restoration as well as one complimentary massage, a group snorkel trip to the Belize Barrier Reef, and the Stargazers Cruise included in your retreat package. Enjoy three farm-to-table chef-inspired meals each day along with daily snacks and non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, as well as inspiring small-group coaching sessions, daily restorative morning and evening practices on the open-air overwater shala, and the support and encouragement of empowered, fierce, and free professional women. Together, we will unlock what has been holding us back from the life we’ve imagined and evolve into the women we were always destined to become. Every professional woman of every life stage is welcomed!


We can’t wait to see you in Belize!

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Soulful Women:
Live Empowered, Fierce, and Free

November 6 – 10th, 2024

Discover your power and purpose at a transformative professional women’s island retreat in Belize, where tailored experiences and communal support will unlock your potential to live empowered, fierce, and free.



My life’s calling is largely defined by four words: “get a bigger table.” As women, we’re often told there’s only one proverbial seat at the table, one path that leads to the top, one right solution, and only one way to define success. I simply can’t buy into this myopic thinking. Each person is born with a unique set of gifts, forged in the fire of experience, and shaped by their own identities. My purpose on this earth is to help people discover what’s inside of them and unleash it to make this world a better place. I believe true transformation exists in three parts - exposure, engagement, and empowerment - one building on the other to bring forward our true essence.


I’ve spent my entire career helping others discover the gifts they have inside. I’ve traveled to thirty-eight countries, working across continents, with women and girls, athletes, coaches, university students, persons with disabilities, and refugees to help them define the life they want to live and chase it. I’ve also worked with leaders from foreign governments, Fortune 500 businesses, international agencies, academic institutions, and professional sports leagues on inclusive culture, leadership, and equity. I’ve climbed my way to the top, leading the Sports Diplomacy unit for the United States of America. I’ve been the one woman at the table, the first, the only, the trailblazer. But every step of the way, I’ve pushed, pulled, and advocated for others to be there too because I believe diverse voices and inclusive spaces are the only way we can overcome the enormous challenges we are facing in the world today. As a woman, a leader, an athlete, and an educator, I want to create spaces where people feel valued and inspired to live as their most authentic selves.


The art of leading isn’t about standing in front but standing beside others, empowering them to carve their paths. My journey is a testament to the belief that when we walk alongside each other, creating room for everyone at the table, we create a world where people flourish.

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Dr. Shaniqua Jones is a Global Leader and Restorative Justice Practitioner Expert.  Affectionately known as Dr. J and for her brilliant ability to connect deeply with those who have been harmed and have caused harm through Restorative Justice and Restorative Practices. Dr. J has been called upon to remove barriers alienating and dehumanizing people from all walks of life. What separates Dr. Jones from her peers is her uncanny ability to infuse her personal and professional experiences, which allows her to connect genuinely and have a great deal of empathy for the people she serves.


In 2018, Dr. Jones was honored and inducted as a member of the 40 under 40 rising leaders into the Young Women's Professional League Chicago for her industry expertise and leadership. The global speaker founded the Purple Path for-profit organization in the spring of the following year. The organization provides sustainable and tangible resources, building competencies, relationships, and social capital in deserving communities.

Serving the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement as Restorative Justice Trainer, Dr. J has solidified herself as an effective leader with significant momentum. In May of 2021, Governor Pritzker and the Illinois State Board of Education appointed Dr. Jones to the Whole Child Task Force. In December 2021, Dr. Jones accepted a one-year assignment as the Restorative Justice Facilitator for MacArthur Foundation - Just Imperative Working Group based on her expertise as a Restorative Justice Practitioner focused on healing and resilience.


With a global platform, as the founder of Purple Path and Jones Academy of Excellence, Dr. Jones has educated and served thousands of students, parents, guardians, educators, organizations, and more through her work rooted in Restorative Justice and Restorative Practices. Dr. Jones is a wife and mother of five biological children and an author of 12 awe-inspiring works. When she isn’t impacting lives and transforming communities, you can find Dr. J sporting her favorite gym shoes.



Nhi Nhi Le is a Certified Meditation, Mindfulness & Manifestation Teacher & Mentor, Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, Speaker, Spiritual Guide, Tea Ceremonialist, iConscious Accelerating Human Potential Coach with a Bachelor's Degree in Medical Imaging. She is a lead teacher and author for the world's #1 Meditation Magazine, and collaborates with wellbeing and health apps to help improve the lives of others through her meditations, retreats, workshops, masterclasses and programs. She has over 13,500 meditation students on the Insight Timer App and multiple courses helping people positively shift their life. Nhi's mission is to guide people on the path of remembrance to reclaim their sovereignty, activate their Genius and access their gifts so they can live a life of purpose, alignment, grace, abundance, love and empowerment. She is deeply passionate about helping people feel safe and connected through meditational practices so they can elevate in all areas of their life and also helping them reprogram and rewire their subconscious minds to manifest and live their dream reality. Nhi currently resides in her mountain residence in Barcelona, Spain, and travels the world learning from teachers from all walks of life and traditions, and translating them into her work and offerings.



  • 5 day/4 nights at a peaceful private island resort in Belize   

  • Over-water bungalow or oceanfront cabana accommodations

  • Three farm-to-table island inspired meals each day along with fresh juices

  • Local alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

  • Daily workshops, restorative activities and personal growth in an open-air, over-water shala

  • Swag bag & curriculum workbook

  • Half-day snorkel trip to the world renowned Belize Barrier Reef: the second largest reef system in the world (upgrade to scuba diving optional)

  • 60 Minute Massage

  • Stargazers Cruise

  • Transportation to and from Belize City when traveling on retreat start and end days

  • Roundtrip boat transfer between Dangriga Airport and Thatch Caye

  • Marine reserve access fee

  • Taxes and gratuities

  • Use of kayaks, paddle boards, snorkel gear, fishing poles, and other non-motorized island toys

First to register has first choice of room type. Overwater Bungalows are limited.
Full and final p
ayment is due 30 days prior to retreat. 

50% deposit by July 31st, 2024

Double Cabana: $3,030

     (per person, double occupancy)

Double Overwater Bungalow: $3,245

     (per person, double occupancy) 

Private Cabana: $3,740

     (per person, single occupancy)

Private Overwater Bungalow: $4,140

     (per person, single occupancy)

50% deposit by October 31st,  2024

Double Cabana: $3,430

     (per person, double occupancy)

Double Overwater Bungalow: $3,545 

     (per person, double occupancy) 

Private Cabana: $4,040

     (per person, single occupancy)

Private Overwater Bungalow: $4,440

     (per person, single occupancy)


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Want to learn more?

Feel free to contact the Retreat Co-ordinator via the email or number below.


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