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Resist The Need to do More

Our worth is not in how much we do. Though, capitalism and society would have us believe this because it needs us to in order to operate like “business as usual.” In April, I got swept up in the uncertainty – feeling obligated to say yes out of fear (honestly). Brave souls, I wish I had stopped and listen to my own soul and resisted. This post, this advice is for my future self and for anyone who needs to read this.

Your worth is in who you are, there’s nothing to prove, no need to overcompensate. Showing up as your authentic, imperfect self is enough.

Saying, “no because I’m beyond or at my capacity” is life giving even if your capacity is much less or much more than others. It does not matter because it is your capacity and we all must do what we need to nourish our bodies, our hearts, our minds to be of better service for those we love, for our communities and for justice. We will exhaust ourselves, burnout our own soul’s flame and be of less or little use to the people, the passions, the missions that need us invested for the long haul.

Brave souls, resist the urge to keep doing more out of obligation, out of guilt or out of fear. Others will adjust, more opportunities will surface – we don’t need nor should we say yes to everything.