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Dr. Tanya is a dynamic and emotive speaker who empowers individuals, teams and organizations through the power of storytelling and authenticity. Workshops and keynote speeches not only captivate participants, but also empower them to take the next steps toward transformative change.

After two decades working with elite athletes, health professionals and as an academic scholar herself, Tanya realized there was another way to excellence outside of grit culture. Moving in her own professional and personal journey, she began leading clients and groups into developing their personal restorative practices to allow them to welcome challenges, move through obstacles with more ease, better appreciate the journey to peak performance and enjoy their work and personal lives with vigor. Her vision is to be part of transforming leaders in corporate, medical, non-profit and sport spaces to believe there are humane and restorative ways to achieve individual and collective greatness. But, first, we must be open to an alternative way. As a recovering overachiever and workaholic Tanya honors resistance while encouraging others to believe we are here for so much more than hustling, gritting, and outworking our way through life. Moreover, we are more efficient, productive, and inspired when we do. 

Additionally, Tanya toils to curate authentic and brave conversations on social issues ailing our society, institutions, and communities. She curates space for collective healing and humanity where accountability and grace co-exist. Her engaging and vulnerable style provides participants courage (and

permission) to get uncomfortable discussing their own truths, fears, experiences and/or feelings about justice, inclusion, and belonging. Tanya recognizes we all have a role to play and everyone's voice matters. Most importantly, Tanya believes the time is now to address how we co-create (more) inclusive spaces of

belonging where everyone is honored and embraced for all of who they are. To do this, Tanya acknowledges we must first look inward at ourselves and do our own healing work. When we do, our leadership, coaching, mentoring and teaching changes in ways that center others' as well as our own humanity and


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Dr. Tanya provides keynotes, talks and workshops on high performance, leadership development, advocacy, identity, inclusion and belonging, mitigating harm as well as the power of authenticity and owning one's story. 



Dr. Tanya cultivates and guides brave, open and respectful spaces for groups, teams and organizations to share experiences of harm that impact individuals and the collective while also developing next steps for ongoing conversation, growth and cultural change. 

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