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Centering Ourselves for the Journey Ahead

Dear Brave Souls,

I’m wrestling with existing within and co-creating spaces that are desperately clinging onto 2019 ways of being. Those spaces operating as if it is “business as usual,” “more is better,” and “capitalism over care.” I wish we could stop for one moment and resist this urge, this pressure to produce, to perform, to create. In fact, I want to bellow from the depths of my being, “let’s be honest that we are living in a global pandemic, a financial crisis, and enduring racial tensions that are palpable – not new to our society but being documented; and, as a response justice is being demanded so even those individuals previously isolated from the conversation feel the shifting and shaking in their consciousness.”

Please tell me I’m not alone. Anyone with me – feel me, hear me? Anyone else extended to exhaustion or tired of being in old patterns and ways that no longer serve your purpose and soul? I’m here to tell you I see you. I hear you. You are not alone.

Even still, each of us has to sustain ourselves in this moment. The world needs our passion, our voice, our love and our presence. In order to give of ourselves and energies, we should recognize we have to surrender even if only for small bouts of time. We are not resigning as resignation is layered with bitterness and resentment. Rather, we are surrendering so we can lighten our load and flow in our purpose while being guided by our truth(s) and innate value as humans. The value each and every soul on this earth possesses. I feel myself needing to connect with my soul and to the souls I love. How can we be a foundation of unconditional grace and love to the dearest souls in our lives…let alone others on this journey? My belief – surrender.

Time feels so elusive in this moment. Like me, you may find yourself asking, “Am I enough?” I used to remind myself, “my best is sufficient.” That may have been my reality in 2019 but we are not living in 2019. It is 2020 – everything shifting so quickly, my footing unsteady and I reckon with the reality that I am not all things; I am not enough…alone. Though, I am enough when I am in community with others like yourselves. Let’s surrender to this: tha