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I am a native Wisconsinite though have lived in Minnesota, Tennessee, New York and now call Chicago home. Through my training, research, and 15+ years as a higher education professional,

I served as a consultant and educator working with individuals, teams and organizations at the intersection of peak performance and interrupting harm inherent in sport. I know well from my own journey as well as that of individuals and groups I've worked alongside that success and strife, sacrifice and accomplishment, heartache and triumph often co-exist along our path - no matter our walk of life. I honor we all have a story to tell, a journey to live and something we may just need to heal from in the process. In truth, every experience of my life has built me for performance coaching – most of which wasn’t in an academic classroom, in a certification program or training. I am grateful for the ways my personal and professional experiences and pursuits have led me to performance coaching and honor the gift of every experience.

To be granted the trust and responsibility to hold with clients both their failures and successes, their insecurities and aspirations, their fulfillment, and frustrations, as well the challenges they inevitably face is the greatest gift of my professional life. Being a sounding board, guide, and confidant as clients toil to their own definition of peak performance or "best life" is my professional sweet spot. Every client is different – their personality, identities, field, challenges, values, the organizations they are contributing to as well as their professional goals and needs – and, coaching, for me, is both a flow state and an expression of unconditional compassion, encouragement, and belief in another human being and their limitless possibilities.

I know from personal experience the value of having a trusted coach in your corner – one who believes in your possibilities, who asks the hard questions, and guides, leads and sometimes follows you, without judgement, as you make the choices necessary to author the narrative of your professional and personal life. This is what I have the honor to do every single session coaching with clients and it is an honor I do not take lightly. I believe each of us have unique contributions to make during this life time and I look forward to partnering with you on your journey! 


Tanya provides confidential, one-on-one coaching for executives and professionals in business operations, infrastructure and security, marketing, sales, public affairs, revenue, government, growth and innovation, academia, medicine, engineering, human capital and in non-profit sectors as they strive to be transformative leaders and live out their personal and professional values with integrity and authenticity. Topics Tanya often discusses with clients include confidence, establishing and honoring boundaries to avoid burnout, living one's purpose and and life with intention, team dynamics and culture building, establishing an environment of belonging, change management, giving and receiving feedback, navigating challenging dialogue, and soul care. 
Personal coaching can help you reflect on the challenges and opportunities in front of you as you strive to become the person you most desire to be. Whether you are hoping to overcome a mental block, accomplish an ambitious goal, enhance your confidence and/or begin a new adventure, Tanya will partner with you to explore your next steps, provide guidance and support as you co-create the life you imagine for yourself and loved ones around you. 
Tanya works with professional, elite, and college level athletes and teams seeking strategies and skills to obtain and maintain their peak performance. Topics athletes and organizations work with Tanya on include enhancing confidence, navigating mistakes, creating a high performance mindset that allows room for grace and accountability, team dynamics, advocating for change, and effective imagery strategies. 

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